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Winter 2018/2019

10th January 2019



Happy New Year


Welcome back everyone, we hope you are looking forward to 2019 as much as we are. We have lots going on with various projects starting and courses running throughout the year.


There’s a new employee of the month incentive as well as the usual SeaBro sporting events. The football was a success and looking to be held again on or around Friday 10th May and the Spring Golf Cup to be on Saturday 6th April. Nick won the last one, anyone else agree he should be cut the 4 shots like everyone else? 


If you would like to take part in any of these, just let your supervisor or the office know. 


Once again, we hope you all have a fantastic  2 0 1 9 



New Contracts won… 


Countryside Properties – Runwell Phase 3 – The development, which is made up of approximately 580 units in total, includes one and two-bedroom apartments and two, three, four and five-bedroom homes to suit a variety of buyers. Currently being looked after by Barry Baldwin, who will naturally take on the third phase to this project.


Higgins Homes – Bow’s Corner – Bow Corner comprises 19 new homes; one- two- and three-bedroom apartments, which are 3 storey timber frame townhouses. A vibrant atmosphere and excellent transport links have propelled Bow in East London into the limelight. To add to this popular residential area, Bow Corner is a brand-new development that is helping to contribute to the exciting overall regeneration of the area and offers a variety of homes for city professionals.


Weston Homes – Bury St Edmunds – Weston Homes present a stunning collection of 135 modern and luxurious one and two-bedroom apartments in this historic market town. These 5 storey, traditional built block is the second phase to the already 4 storey apartment block started last year. Dan Squire has been looking after this project, since returning from fighting his own battle with cancer. We are extremely grateful that he has had a positive outcome and pleased to have him back, working as well as he always has done. 


Fairview New Homes – White Hart Lane, Tottenham  This development consists of 4no five and six storey RC Frame blocks, that will provide 1, 2 & 3-bedroom new homes in Tottenham. Due for release in Summer/Autumn 2019, this project should prove to be fast moving and likely a great fit for our London lads who live close to the North Circular!


“Doubling the standards… Always!”

                                                                                                    Have you met Dan Weller? He’s one of our drivers. Having started with us in August 2017, Dan has completed a variety of courses and has quickly become a much-valued member of the team at SeaBro. He is a family man, with a three-year-old little boy called Stanley and a little girl due in March. Prior to having his young family, Dan would often be found fishing. Dan would best describe himself as “laid back”, “easy going” and “happy” – we think that says it all – a great guy to have around!



He is a family man, with a three-year-old little boy called Stanley and a little girl due in March. Prior to having his young family, Dan would often be found fishing. Dan would best describe himself as “laid back”, “easy going” and “happy” – we think that says it all – a great guy to have around!



Employee of the Month 


Dean’s Region – October’s winner was Josh Illadge and November is Josh Johnson


Robin’s Region – October’s winner was Paul Christy and November is Andy Flint


Kevin’s Region – October’s winner was Dave Robertson and November was Roger Foulger


This award is based on Attendance, Good Practise and Attitude. Well done guys! £100 to you! 


The Health and Safety Award is also given to any employee or team to reward consistently high level of Safety awareness… The person chosen to receive October’s award was the Chobham Farm Site for receiving top marks. November’s award goes to Chris Turley. Well deserved, £100 each.



Pride in the Project Award


We will now be running a new incentive, to replace the Employee of the Month award. 


Instead, there will be the Pride in the Job Award. One job will win quarterly, as well as a runner up. To determine the winners, Health & Safety scores over the quarter are averaged out, along with any incidents throughout that quarter being discussed. We will publish a Super League each month, so you know where you are each month.


The winning job will win £500 and the runner up £250. So, if you want in on this, you need to be making sure your scores stay high. Let’s not lose silly points wearing incorrect PPE, or forgetting to sign in and out, dirty vans etc. 


We hope you’ll all embrace this new Award and look forward to seeing the first results mid – February!





We are looking to transition over to emailing payslips. Please could you email both and / or to be added to this. Should you we not hear from you, we will continue to print and distribute your payslip accordingly…


ToolBox Talk – Adverse Weather


Please note that with the upcoming months, we ask that you all think smart and contact your supervisor before travelling should you think work may be halted. Safety is of upmost priority, so if you do have to take a day, a saved journey will help. Also, please note that, with regard to anyone wearing a hat for added warmth, you must use the correct liners that go inside the hard hat. 



Just a quick note to all drivers…


Please be aware that your Supervisor will now be completing audits and checks on your company vehicle. By now, you should have seen the check list, so please remember to look after your vehicle and keep it in a respectable state. Thanks as always for your co-operation with this matter…


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